We offer a variety of services to accommodate the needs of our varied clients. If you find that there are other services that you need for your home staging project, let us know!


We will provide advice on how your property can best be presented for selling purposes. The advice will include details on paint colour, furniture placement and accessorizing, de-cluttering, cleaning and minor repairs.  We will identify the most important areas of the home to emphasize, which areas to downplay and cost-effective updates that are needed for a quicker sale for top dollar. Up to 2 hours.

Open House Staging or Preparation for MLS Photos:

We will prepare your property for an open house or photos. This is usually done after initial staging just to maintain the staged look if needed. We will ensure that your property is ready inside and out. This includes, ensuring everything is clean and fresh, beds are made, lighting is correct and the stage is set to sell your property. 1 hour.

Vacant Property Staging:

Whether a client needs an entire vacant home of rental furnishings or just a few to update the look of the home for showing, we know the right sources to find the right product for each client.  We will rent furniture, art, home decor, bedding etc and stage and destage your home. Price will vary depending on the property.

Consultation and Full Service Action Plan: 

We will start with a consultation then create an action plan that addresses each room.  We will discuss what the homeowner will be taking on and what they would like us to do  We will then provide a quote and begin the transformation. Pricing will depend on the number of hours required for work to be completed, as well as the time needed and the cost to rent and/or buy accessories.

Colour Consultation:

Whether you are selling your house or just want a change, a colour consultation may start you off in the right direction. We suggest colours that appeal to the majority of potential buyers or will suit your personal tastes for redesign. 1 hour.

Professional Organizing: 

De-cluttering can be an overwhelming job for many clients. The longer you have lived in your homes the worse it can be. We offer this service to help you get started with what we call the “pre-pack.” You have to pack up anyway; we just nudge you along in a good way! Hourly rate.


Someone has to do this and we are happy to step up to the plate and offer our professional shopping services. We can shop for all your cosmetic home decor and minor renovation needs. Hourly rate.

Move-in Services: 

We know what an exhausting job selling can be so we provide our clients with a special “move-in” service. We know how they like to live, so who better to set them up in their new home? We depersonalized their property for selling, now we can personalize their new home and usually in just one day! Hourly rate.

Staging/Downsizing for Seniors:

Downsizing is a challenge for anyone. Having a compassionate partner in the process can make all the difference in the world. As Senior Move Management Specialists we can assist you with this challenge with the following services; readying your home for sale, assisting with sorting, clearing and organizing, preparing you for the move to downsized quarters from a home of many years, readying your new home for occupancy, providing any necessary professional referrals. Hourly rate.

Please contact us to discuss your needs


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