“To Whom It May Concern

Home Staging is so much more than what appears a simple task as portrayed on HGTV.
Product knowledge, creativity and sensitivity to the surrounding environment combined with the ability to maximize showing potential plus strong communication skills are attributes which separate most stagers from a true professional.

Diana Zinck is a true professional.

Recently, I was entrusted with a vacant condominium which had been on the market for 159 days with another agent. The condo had amazing ocean views, being across the street from Ross Bay. It was also old, with 1970s vintage decorating and, most troubling, stained carpets. The seller considered replacing the carpet, however it was not possible to justify the cost relative to the return.

Diana viewed the property, determined the principal viewpoints and staged the home. By creating a focus on the view and an impression of a comfortable living space, the old carpet became much less a concern for prospective buyers. Put simply, they were buying the view and willing to replace the carpet themselves!

The condo sold in 35 days, due in a large part to Diana’s tasteful staging. It also sold at full list price, which was more than the seller expected. Could the condo owner justify the cost of the staging service? Without a doubt. It netted them higher dollars by being staged by Diana Zinck.

My Real Estate career spans 22 years in Victoria and I have met many home stagers.

Who do I recommend?

Diana Zinck.”

Please feel free to contact me directly for further discussion.

Tony Joe  REALTOR®


“My recent experiences with Diana Zinck and The Stage Coach were excellent and in both cases resulted in very positive market feedback and quick sales.

The proof that staging works was brought home to me when I hired Diana to stage a condominium in the Reef that had been on the market for over 4 months, it was vacant and unfurnished and had received no offers.

After doing a consultation Diana staged the property; the difference was night and day, it looked amazing and the clients loved it. Market feedback was very positive and it sold 3 weeks later.

Diana is a true professional, excellent to work with, I highly recommend her services.

Staging works.”


Bruce McCalla

Fair Realty 


“I just wanted to send a note and both commend and thank you again for the fantastic staging job you did at the Shutters condo I recently sold. Even though the seller was not my client and I didn't hire you I wanted you to know that I think one of the main reasons the condo appealed so much to my clients was the gorgeous, tasteful and perfectly arranged furniture, art etc. that you used in the unit. You have a great eye! It is amazing what good staging can do to make a 'smallish' space feel big, bright and livable!


In the future I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to clients who want their listing shown off to its best advantage!

Thanks again,”


Susan Carley



“Upon walking in my house, I felt immediately amazed at the spacious but yet warm and inviting living environment that Diana created. She effectively chose and arranged furniture, pictures and decorations in a meaningful way. Diana transformed a cluttered and overwhelming living space to a roomy, pleasant and welcoming living space. Great thanks and admiration to Diana for an excellent job! Our house sold in less than 1 week”


Debbie T

Victoria, BC



Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful job of staging our home.  You had an “clean and empty” palate to work with and you did an amazing job of creating a warm and inviting home for prospective buyers.  So much so, we had an offer in less than 36 hours!

Great job, Diana.

Kind regards,

Harry and Lauren


“I was selling my home in a difficult market and I wanted it to stand out above the other listings. One of my neighbours had their house on the market for some time and kept dropping their price so I was a little concerned. Diana came to my house and walked me through the home staging process.  I found her to be a capable and professional person that made excellent yet practical recommendations.  When she put the finishing touches on my home, it looked amazing.

The feedback from all viewings were hands down how well the house showed. After only 2 days on the market, I had 2 offers and received almost $30,000 over asking.  I believe that my success was in large part due to the incredible work Diana did staging my home.  I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who wants to sell their house quickly and for the best price. 

Thank you!”


Victoria, BC


“We had always scoffed at the idea of house staging, but when our realtor suggested it, we reluctantly agreed. From the first moment Diana came into our home, we realized the value of her professional eye. As she moved through each room of the house, making suggestions and moving things around, we could see how she was creating a sense of increased spaciousness and beauty. We were amazed by how clearly she was able to deal with both large-scale decisions (such as furniture placement) and detailed decisions (such as arrangement of books on a shelf) at the same time. The house has never looked better, and we are both impressed and grateful.”

Dave and Joan


“Diana works very effectively within your particular budget and I am sure our house sold faster

due to her staging ideas. She was also very helpful to us in providing good directions on getting

the house ready for staging.

Thanks so much."

John and Marilyn Henigman


“I wanted to let you know that Kerry and I both thought you did a wonderful job with the staging.
 It makes the house look bright and homey and very inviting. The house has gotten positive reviews from the people who have seen it so far.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that one or more of them will find it homey and inviting enough to make an offer...

We really appreciate the care and attention -- and elbow grease -- you've put into the fix-up and staging.  We could not have done this without you!  I'll keep you posted about any developments on the sale front.”

Best regards,


Victoria, BC


Dear Diana/The Stagecoach,

Great job on the Gordon Head home! The staging was a definite advantage that helped sell the home in only 15 days while other homes in the neighborhood have remained unsold on the market for months.

Bruce McCallum

Realtor®, DFH Real Estate


Diana has a great eye, and had an intuitive understanding of my needs.  Her respect for my budget was very respectful, she integrated my possessions well into the plan, had the connections to rent what I needed, and the outcome was fantastic!

We sold all three properties in less than one month

Thank you!

Anne G, Victoria BC


Hi Diana,

“Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your suggestions.    Your manner in suggesting changes was gentle, though explicit and professional.

AND, I am very proud to say, that we will be ready Monday for the listing---everything is packed up and ready to go away to storage today from the bedroom upstairs, and all the excess furniture etc. from the rest of the house, the carpet cleaned, place ship shape.   I'll send you little videos of each room.

I think the work you do is fascinating.”

Thanks again,

Janet, Victoria, BC


“We were first-time sellers of our condo.  Our realtor suggested Diana’s services.  We agreed.  We sold our condo within 21 days!  This sale took place in a ‘horrible market’ for selling (aka Buyer’s market) where only one condo was being sold per month in our district.  So this was a phenomenal achievement and we can clearly say it was all because of Diana!  We are not kidding. 


Every single viewer that came by to view and all commented together in uniform such as, “Wow this place is amazing.”, “This place shows extremely well.” Or “Wow, I love that placement of.....”  Even the buyers’ realtors were extremely impressed and mentioned to our realtor that they really loved showing our suite too. 


Diana has a way of visualizing everything ahead of time.  She can clearly tell us what the place would look like if we do it this way or that way without moving an object.  Diana does it so professionally yet at same time it also feels like she’s our best friend too. 


We did all of Diana’s recommendations.  She made it such a pleasing experience that we had so much fun in staging our condo.  Diana has a way of tailoring her business approach to ourselves and she is very good at knowing what it would take for us to do this or that etc.  As a result of that, that was what the viewers were also seeing in our staged condo because of all of the positive things were being highlighted so profoundly yet very subtle.


Once the staging was done.  We looked at each other and thought... wow we actually are falling in love with our condo again and kinda didn’t want to sell!  Ha Ha. 


We very strongly recommend Diana to anyone whether it is for a personal home or a business.  Diana is incredible.  We’re very pleased.  Thank you.”


Michael & Rene, Victoria, BC



Thanks again for your advice and direction. Our house sold quickly! We love the way the house looks and hope we can apply some of the principles to our way of life in our new home!”

Regards, Janice, Victoria, BC


“I highly recommend Diana to my fellow Realtors who want to stage their listings. She truly cares for your clients. Customer satisfaction is very important to her, also. Diana's extensive knowledge and pleasing sense of style make the staged homes look stunning!”

Lu Ann Frasher

Pemberton Holmes


“Diana was a godsend.  She was able to take a fresh eye and turn a crowded or ordinary space into a clean and vibrant one!  With her ideas and sense of design and above all, her willingness to roll up her sleeves with me and do the work, I was able to turn my home into a showcase. “

Thank you Diana! “

Susan, Victoria, BC


To Whom It May Concern,

Re: Diana Zinck, The Stage Coach

“As an active real estate agent I am sold on "home staging" and implement this marketing strategy on all my listings.  First and foremost I found Diana's professional yet personal manner with my clients very quickly puts them at ease in what can be, at times a "delicate" situation.  Diana not only brings her abundant design skills but also, as an organizer,  she is able to assist my elderly clients through the emotional process  of "down sizing".  As the saying goes," the proof is in the pudding" and I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients regarding Diana's assistance.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

Regards, Bernie Wilkinson

Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty


"Recently, I referred some clients to Diana for some home staging consultation.  Not only did she perform her duties in a timely and professional manner, she was sensitive to my client's feelings when recommending changes to their home.  In the end, my clients were very pleased with her work and my recommendation.  I will continue to call upon Diana's knowledge and expertise wherever possible in the future."  

Wally Gregora,

Pemberton Holmes Ltd.


“Comfortable in the same home for many years and planning to stay, might some
changes now be a good idea? Do I really need that separate dining room when family and friends prefer the dinette with its great view?  If I moved my computer and the convertible bed/couch into the dining room and thereby re-captured the second bedroom?  Ideas, doubts, some caution.  A neighbour told me about Diana.  In a visit to my home, conversation and Diana’s quiet expertise quickly reassured me.  I felt very comfortable with each of her recommendations and gave her the go-ahead.  A delight to see her work, any problem, Diana quickly overcomes.  Relax and leave things to her.  I love the result, it works. “


Songhees, BC


“Thank you for the wonderful job you did in coaching my seller. My lady didn’t have a lot of extra money to do a full staging so I really appreciate the extra effort you made working with what she had.

She had out grown her small condo and it showed. It was so cluttered that I was not sure it was even salable.  I don’t know what you said or how you said it but it worked magic. The next day she had booked movers to store all of the things you had suggested she move. She rearranged her furniture to your specs and hired your cleaner to give her place the final spit and polish. It looked great!

Your magic touch added at least $10,000.00 to the final sale price of her home.

Thank you for the excellent work. You know that I will be using you again.”

Bill Brooks

RE/MAX Camosun – Oak Bay


“I worked with Diana Zinck on a listing in the Broadmead area of Victoria.

Diana made my job so much easier. The manor in which she interacted with my clients was very professional and friendly.  She pointed out all the areas they would need to work on and offered suggestions and help, always without offending. They were excited and motivated to make the changes. The report she supplied when done was a huge help to them to ensure they never missed a thing. The value of the house went up significantly. The before and after pictures are incredible. My clients were thrilled and so was I.  THANK YOU!”

Marsha Crawford

Realtor RE/MAX Camosun


“Thank you for your recent diplomatic comprehensive consultation service regarding staging my condo in preparation for its sale. Before your consultation I felt overwhelmed by the pending de-cluttering and staging process. I did not know how to approach these somewhat daunting tasks. After listening to your comments and recommendations during your thorough assessment of my condo and the location of its assorted contents I had a better understanding of the what, why and how aspects of staging. Also, I accepted the importance of careful staging to make my place competitive in the current real estate market.....

Your generous support, positive attitude and skillful coaching has motivated me to implement the staging process in my condo with confidence and optimism.”

MT, Victoria, BC


“Diana's job was to give us ( a very tired and anxious pair) the last set of instructions before listing our house.

She was helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy. We were grateful, and have referred her to friends.”

Ted and Diane, Victoria, BC


“We instituted everything Diana suggested on her comprehensive report and the result was so great we fell in love with our lovely home all over again. We highly recommend her services for your home too”

Gerald & Glynda Raath, Broadmead, Victoria, BC


“After we had listed our award winning home on the market for several months,
the response from the market was mixed. People tended to have difficulties envisioning the function of the space. We decided to utilize The Stage Coach's service to solve this problem.

Wow, the reaction from clients and realtors after the furnishings and decor were installed was phenomenal!  Everyone commented on what a difference it made to make the house feel like a home, and how much easier it was for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there, and how their furniture would fit in. It even made the home feel larger!

Diana Zinck of The Stage Coach was very thorough and efficient in the execution of her work. As a result of her work, we believe that we sold quicker and for a higher price then if we had not used her service. We will definitely be using The Stage Coach again!”


Les Hoppe

Victoria Traditional Homes Ltd.



"Diana has built her reputation on commitment, integrity and results. She delivers outstanding service and creativity which guarantees that the results that you expect will be achieved.

Working with Diana was a positive experience and I highly recommend her services and enthusiasm.”

Toula Cousens

Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.,Brokerage

Toronto, Ont.


“I hired The Stage Coach to prepare my home to sell. I really didn't think that I needed to make any changes. After they were finished I couldn't believe the difference. They made me a true believer. We sold the house in just one week and for our asking price. I will definitely recommend The Stage Coach.”

Cheryl W,

Toronto, Ont.


“The Stage Coach helped us make over a room in our home. We would never have thought of the furniture and picture arrangements they came up with. We've had so many positive comments from friends. The room looks fabulous!”


Allison and Blaine Kremer

Toronto, ON



Client Testimonials

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